Past Varsity Squads

2016 East View Patriot Varsity Baseball

From Left to Right: Chase Cutler, Camryn Miller, Chad Williams, Daulton Westbrook, Garrett Sansom, Aaron Parks, Cale Cantu, Will Hickman, Camron Nowell, Reed Richie, Dustin Coranado, Mason Tyndall, Jacob Dauer, Parker Namken, Ronnie Bailey, Juan Sanchez, Corbin Truslow, Brie Reynolds

2015 East View Patriot Varsity Baseball


Front Row:  Karina Asciano, Madie David, Tanner Thedford, Cale Cantu, Jack Lane, Mason Tyndall, Clint Janczak, Baylee Leach, Alexia Johnson
Standing: Benn Milliet, Aaron Parks, Jacob Dauer, Ronnie Bailey, Chase Cutler, Bobby Tingley, Rankin Timmons, Jackson Abraham
Corbin Truslow, Joey Webb, Will Hickman, Guillermo Haro, Jace Schmidt, Garrett Sansom

2014 East View Patriot Varsity Baseball


Front Row:  Clint Janczak, Jack Lane, Chandler Crawford, Anthony Henry, Landon Carpenter
Kneeling: Joey Webb, Kenneth Williams, Jackson Abraham, Ryan Hewlett, Christian Cavazos, John Andrews
Standing: Jonathan Jones, Kyle Webb, Trevis Green, Cal Holland, Randy Ferguson, Will Hickman (Not Shown)

2013 East View Patriot Varsity Baseball


Kneeling: Cornelio Garcia, Landon Carpenter, Chandler Crawford, Joey Webb, Anthony Henry, Jackson Abraham
Standing: Leigha Sponsel, Ryan Hewlett, Kyle Webb, Christian Cavazos, Randy Ferguson, Trevis Green, Cal Holland,
Jonathan Jones, Jon Andrews, Kristen Nelson, Bradley Heflen (Not pictured)

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